– The future is now –
– Fully digitized office –

We process all files with several monitors (at least 2-3 monitors) and a networking system developed for us. We no longer work with paper and ink, we do not have expensive paper files. We read all texts and drawings directly on monitors and also mark them directly on the monitor. We use text conversion (offline) instead of the dictation device. Paper mail is scanned and digitally processed.

Our data will be quadruple! at several locations secured. Registrations will be submitted electronically. Our employees are trained on digital, paperless processing. Hardware and software are optimized for this. But we are not just constantly evolving digitally.



– lean office –

We are a proponent of cost-effective, low-staff work. We do not use dictation machines with subsequent typing. We write ourselves or with speech recognition programs. This saves staff and processing time. - Drawings are created with sketches and schematic representations directly in the PC.



- We remain curious ... -
- No matter where you are based -
- We are digital in your area -

With video telephony, skype or whats up -
Via email, voice or video mail and eFax

- We also work mobile -
- We have the team and not the boss -
- We are open for ideas and work in many languages -